Northern Lightness Education Program

When you join the Northern Lightness Education Program you will be required to make your way through the Levels and demonstrate a clear understanding of the science through discussions and progress with your horse.

This knowledge will make it possible for you to improve your horse with appropriate fitness and athletically prepare them for their sport, while decreasing the likelihood of sport related injuries. This accumulation of veterinary researched based knowledge, will be the foundation of your entire career with horses. It will allow you to a) understand how the methods used benefit the horse b) understand how traditional methods do not benefit the horse c) how to achieve results with your horse.

In the true spirit of science we also hope it inspires you to continue to think critically, ask questions and when you are finished this program continue to explore the forever evolving world that is the equine sciences! 

Introduction to Equine Functional Anatomy: Level 1

Learn about how the horse functions anatomically from a cellular level to the musculoskeletal structures that stabilizes and moves them. 

The Equine Thoracolumbar Spine: Level 2

The health and correct functioning of the equine spine determines the horses ability to perform soundly or not. Learn about how the back works!

Elastic Potential and Bio-tensegrity: Level 3

Discover how the horse combats gravity through the physics and biology of their remarkable super powers, to propel their giant bodies at great speeds and with incredible ease, power and beauty.

Equine Intelligence and Psychology to building a partnership: Level 4

Horses are very smart and social animals. Before they were animals of sport and leisure as they are today, they were bred for working with humans, pulling wagons to working the the the fields. Most horses want to work with us!

Applying the knowledge to the training arena

This is the good stuff! This application can be done while going through the Education Program Levels simultaneously or separately. It is us to you and your ability!
Time to do some hands on and in the saddle work! 

Training Your Eye:

Training your eye is crucial in identifying kinematic abnormalities. It is essential as a coach and trainer to be able to access the horses fitness level and also if the horse has any injuries.
If we don't admit that it is there, we cannot begin to address it.

The Work In-Hand

This is a great place to begin a new dialogue with your horse. If you can guide your horse to explore tensegrity and balance in hand, you can certainly achieve the same under saddle... 

Decarpentry Lunging

Learn a whole new way to lounge the horse as part of your horses rehabilitation or fitness routine. The horse can explore their natural cadence, discover balance and therefore fitness on the lunge.

Dressage Exercises

Learn how to safely experiment with exercises such as shoulder-in, shoulder-fore, half-pass and pirouette (and many more) to help the horse achieve the correct spinal coordination. Playing and experimenting with these exercises based on the horses capabilities will indicate fitness and soundness. The horses abilities to execute these exercises will be your compass to and guide to what you need to work on with them. This is where your entire education as a whole will help you to build this most important aspect of horse riding.... the dialogue that will guide you to an amazing partnership and both you will reach your fullest potential!


A note from the Trainer

This is a new approach to horse training and therapy that will lead you to the ultimate connection between you and your horse. Words cannot describe when you begin the new dialogue with them.

You can build a partnership based on genuine listening to your horse, by building a highly scientific combined with a philosophical understanding of the equine functional anatomy. This knowledge will create intuition to help you see and feel what they are experiencing so that you may recognize when there is an issue. Rising to your horses’ level and truly understanding what it is like to be a horse. A positive way forward, so that a partnership can truly reach its fullest potential at the show grounds or in the back yard.


When approaching your horse with deep compassion, true acceptance and understanding of their nature, intelligence and talents, then you may have a window of opportunity to communicate with them on a different dimension. This intimate dialogue can open opportunities for rehabilitation that a protective horse will never offer under normal circumstances.  It will also make riding safer, more pleasurable and even beneficial for both of you. 


With me you will leave obedience and fear will be left in the past and a true partnership can emerge.

Northern Lightness is truly immersive, where you will learn how equines function from the cellular level, anatomically, neurological and psychological level. It is a great place to begin honing your riding skills and becoming a source of healing for your horse.

At the end of the day connection and a oneness with horses is what equestrians are truly striving for. 

I hope you are inspired to join our amazing program!
See you in the class room and training ring!

Sarah Lindsay Miller

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