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Boarding at Miller Pine Meadows

Board is available for horses and owners enrolled in the Northern Lightness Dressage Therapy program. Your horse(s) will enjoy a natural setting with forest, open spaces to roam and graze, cozy shelters for windy, wet and cold days. The atmosphere is peaceful, horses really love being here, due to the calming/healing environment.
Board includes an outdoor paddock or pen. We fit your horse into the scenario that is best for their individual needs. Whether it is a large or small group or individual pen, we can accommodate your horses personal needs. 

Special feeding is available. 

Blanketing is available. 

There are a few different hay options during the winter for different nutritional needs. We offer full time hay round bales and heated water troughs all year round. Fencing is safe and secure and pen accessibility is simple. Well lit heated barn with stalls, a feed storage area and a tack room with lockers. Small indoor riding arena and outdoor riding space. 

Board is $300/month


Haul in Lessons at Miller Pine

$20 haul in fee

$40 for the lesson

Lease a horse at Miller Pine for $20

$40 for a lesson

Off site Lessons 
.50 cents a KM

$40 for the lesson

Theory Classes/Discussions

$20 per person/hour

Northern Lightness Dressage Therapy

Bring your horse to Miller Pine Meadows to meet our Trainer/Therapist Sarah Lindsay Miller. She will begin your horses new journey of exploring balance and tensegrity to build the fitness and muscles mass necessary to rehabilitate or help your horse reach their fullest potential in whatever their sport may be. All horses of all disciplines are welcome and encouraged to experience Northern Lightness Dressage Therapy for fitness and soundness for life!

  • This program includes 4-5 sessions with Sarah.

  • Hoof rehabilitation/care and maintenance based on the horses needs. 

  • Any feed or nutritional needs met

This program is $250/month

Hoof Trimming 

First month is $125 this includes initial trim and assessment of hooves and touch up trims for the first month. 

Or $35 a trim on site at Miller Pine Meadows

$60 for a trim off property. 

A note from the Trainer

This is a new approach to horse training and therapy that will lead you to the ultimate connection between you and your horse. Words cannot describe when you begin the new dialogue with them.

You can build a partnership based on genuine listening to your horse, by building a highly scientific combined with a philosophical understanding of the equine functional anatomy. This knowledge will create intuition to help you see and feel what they are experiencing so that you may recognize when there is an issue. Rising to your horses’ level and truly understanding what it is like to be a horse. A positive way forward, so that a partnership can truly reach its fullest potential at the show grounds or in the back yard.


When approaching your horse with deep compassion, true acceptance and understanding of their nature, intelligence and talents, then you may have a window of opportunity to communicate with them on a different dimension. This intimate dialogue can open opportunities for rehabilitation that a protective horse will never offer under normal circumstances.  It will also make riding safer, more pleasurable and even beneficial for both of you. 


With me you will leave obedience and fear, in the past and a true partnership can emerge.

Northern Lightness is truly immersive, where you will learn how equines function from the cellular level, anatomically, neurological and psychological level. It is a great place to begin honing your riding skills and becoming a source of healing for your horse.

At the end of the day connection and a oneness with horses is what equestrians are truly striving for. 

I hope you are inspired to join our amazing program!
See you in the class room and training ring!

Sarah Lindsay Miller

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