Northern Lightness

An education program to obtain knowledge that is highly philosophical and scientific so that you can advance your skills in training and riding horses. This will give you the tools you need to set yourself apart from other horse trainers and riders in your ability to maintain the soundness of horses you start and rehabilitate horses that come to you.

It will also change the way you interact with horses forever!


Providing you a support system at your convenience, that will allow you at whatever skill level to learn about functional anatomy of the horse and rider. Join today and begin your learning journey of helping your horse reach their peak fitness and potential today!


Providing a science based education then applying the knowledge to the saddle, where you will learn to ride in a way that is beneficial for your horse.

This will create a ripple effect in our equestrian community to begin taking responsibility, as trainers and coaches, for the horse's soundness in our industry.

By educating the next generation of riders and trainers, like you!