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Miller Pine Meadows is home to Northern Lightness Motion Therapy. Open to all discipline and skill levels! We focus on fitness for injury prevention for all riding horses. Programs include fitness training for the show season, rehabilitation and hoof trimming for your horse. Owner participation and learning is encouraged!

Princeton's Story 

Born with the Jockey Club registered name, Helluva Choice, he began his racing career in California in 2016 as a two-year-old. He won some races then retired from the track and ended up at a Thoroughbred adoption program. He was adopted by an Eventer, from Montana, and competed until he began bolting and acting up.
He was diagnosed with Kissing Spines in 2021 and then made his way across the American/Canadian board to Leduc Alberta. He has been fondly renamed Princeton, here at Miller Pine Meadows. He has come a long way, and is a proud case study and success story, that demonstrates the benefits of understanding bio tensegrity and how to apply it in the training ring. We build the muscle mass essential for providing the horses skeleton with the support and stability needed to prevent the intermittent touching of all joints. The leading cause of horse retirement and behavioural issues is preventable injuries. 
We let the horses healthy bodies and ease of movement provide a testament to what we do here!

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